About Seek and Save Ministry

First of all we would like to praise the Lord for enabling us to establish this ministry around 28 years ago.

This is a Bible-believing  church, wholly teaching the Word of God.

Godly people, like the (Late) Dr. Jacob Chelli and Dr. Allan Ironside has supported us with their prayer & moral support. They encouraged us much in this ministry.

It started with just two families gathering in the houses, since people were not willing to rent their accommodation for conducting the church services.  However, God has enabled us to get some lease buildings to conduct the services. Through the main church Hebron Biblical Church God has help us to start three more branches in Bangalore City with some believers

God has given the vision for this church to have various ministries, such as soul-winning, door to door ministry, street preaching and personal evangelism, youth ministry and leprosy ministry.

During the summer we visit all the villages where the Gospel has not been preached.  We visit the fishermen villages and they usually stay on islands.  We also go to agency areas and conduct the street preaching and film shows and distribute tracts and Bibles.  Through this ministry many people came to know Christ.

We are praying that the Lord will help us to construct our own church building. However, in Bangalore, which is the Silicon City of India, and also the fastest growing city in Asia,  prices are very high. Please pray with us, that God will supply this urgent need and help us to get our own church building.

If you would like further information  you can see us on the coming up pages.